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Thursday, November 4, 2010

20 Quick Tips to keep you Healthy and Organized

Cook 2 batches of chicken breasts and freeze in 3oz or half chicken breast portions in small sandwich bags. They then can be grabbed easy for chicken wraps, salads, or to be used with rice or other dishes in a pinch

Cook a whole pot of Quinoa and freeze in ½ cup portions, again can be grabbed easy for snacks, lunches, breakfast etc, also freeze some in dinner size portions 2 cups to grab easy for dinners

3. Cook a pot of brown rice and freeze in ½ cup portions and dinner size portions for ease when preparing

4. Boil 6-8 eggs at a time and leave them in the fridge for snacks, salads, breakfasts etc

5. Make 2-3 batches of granola bars and cut and freeze

6. Make a huge batch of granola and freeze in bags to so you can grab it easily when you run out

7. Make a big container of whole grain cereal to use for breakfasts/snacks

8. After you get groceries put together a Tupperware container of vegetables so they are easy to grab for the week

9. After you get groceries make a fruit salad that will last 5 days to be used throughout the week when time is limited

10. Plan your grocery list and shop for everything you will need for the week, spend some time after pre-preparing things you will need, this will make cooking easy

11. You don’t need to order out...an easy egg omelette or frittata can be made in 5 minutes (using the veggies you already have cut up) and a spinach salad can be whipped up in minutes if you buy the prewashed spinach. Your dinner can be made and on the table in less time than it would take you to get your food delivered. Or you can easily grab some wraps and the chicken you have in the freezer and make quick quesadillas with chicken, spinach, peppers and salsa, served with a quick salad or some of the fruit salad you have in the fridge.

12. Make big batches of soup and chilli and freeze them in individual containers. Chili can also be used to top a salad with some baked pita chips, makes a quick and easy supper in a pinch.

13. When you have leftovers, freeze them, you can use them another time when time is of the essence

14. Low fat salad dressings make great quick sauces for stir fry’s and chicken and such keep a good stock.

15. Make a big batch of breakfast cookies and energy bars and freeze.

16. Make lots of trail mix as this is great to grab when you are in a hurry

17. Make a double batch of muffins and freeze.

18. Freeze bananas so you can always make a smoothie and not have to worry about having fresh ones on hand.

19. Buy frozen fruit in big bags to be used to in smoothies and to be used as a snack or breakfast with yogurt and granola.

20. Always have tuna and beans in the cupboard, a quick tuna casserole can be whipped up in no time, beans also are great for a protein that can be whipped up into a soup in 20 minutes (as long as you have a good stock of reduced sodium stock in your cupboard)

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