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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Healthy Gift Giving

Tis the season...what are you shopping for this holiday season? Do you go out there with a plan or do you just purchase things at random? And what do you buy for the person who doesn't need anything?

There are lots of things you can purchase that will promote healthy living or help support your local economy and I've put together a small list of those things for you to keep in my, while you're shopping for the, "hard to shop for"!

  • This is the time of the year when all the Christmas fairs start popping up...have you always avoiding them thinking that they are just full of knitted doll clothes and crocheted socks? Well, check them out this year; it's a great place to buy locally made soaps and lotions, spices and of course, jewelery.
  • books on health; some good reads include In the Defense of Food, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Food and Healing and Food Inc - this is actually a DVD for people who don't enjoy reading.
  • how about a cooking book full of healthy recipes? Some of my faves are: Super Natural Cooking, Eat, Drink, Be Vegan and Rebar Modern Food Cookbook
  • handcrafted ceramic tea pot and tea cups, along with some loose leaf tea.
  • reusable water containers...some places are banning the sale of water to cut down on waste (which I think is great!), so you'll want to make sure to have a reusable bottle to bring your own water when you head out the door. These water bottles are cool and support a good cause.
  • alcohol is always an easy fall back gift option...you can make it healthier by purchasing a bottle of organic wine. Most liquor stores are carrying large selections to chose from these days.
  • and of course, if all else fails you can never go wrong with the gift of food! I love giving gift baskets filled with raw nuts and seeds, organic chocolate and a pack of coffee. Who would like to receive that??
Whatever it is you are shopping for, try to keep in mind how much packaging is used, whether the person will actually appreciate the gift (or whether it will end up in the landfill!) and how it will contribute to their own good health!

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