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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick, Healthy Meal Ideas

One reason why people end up eating so unhealthy is because of a lack of time...you rush off to work in the morning, forgetting to take anything out for dinner; then get home after working all day, thinking that you might as well just order out (or eat the Mac & Cheese that's in your cupboard!), so you can sit down and relax.

Well, with just a little bit of planning and some inspiration, you can have tasty, healthy food made and on the table in less time than it would take you to get your food delivered!

An easy egg omelette or frittata can be made in 5 minutes (after you get groceries put together a Tupperware container of vegetables so they are easy to grab for the week) and a spinach salad can be whipped up in minutes if you buy the prewashed spinach.

Or you can easily grab some wraps and the chicken you have in the freezer (Cook 2 batches of chicken breasts when you get home from the grocery store and freeze in 3oz or half chicken breast portions in small sandwich bags) and make quick quesedillas with chicken, spinach, peppers and salsa, served with a quick salad or some of the fruit salad you have in the fridge.

Make big batches of soup and chili and freeze them in individual containers. Chili can also be used to top a salad with some baked pita chips, makes a quick and easy supper in a pinch.

When you have left overs, freeze them, you can use them another time when time is of the essence.

Left over pasta can be put in an egg frittata, make a great dinner and the pasta comes out a little crunchy which is great (sauté the pasta with some garlic and peppers, and maybe tomatoes if you like and then add your eggs and put it in the oven for 10 minutes, add some light shredded cheese near the end and broil until melted.

Tofu stir fries in minutes, if you are in a hurry, stir fry some tofu with garlic in some olive oil, and add some broccoli slaw salad mix then add Kraft Asian salad dressing and put it on top of the rice or quinoa you already have in the freezer. Serve with raw veggies from the fridge.

Always have tuna and beans in the cupboard, a quick tuna casserole can be whipped up in no time, beans also are great for a protein that can be whipped up into a soup in 20 minutes (as long as you have a good stock of reduced sodium stock in your cupboard).

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