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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tips for a Healthy Fall

Many people find that they start gaining weight as soon as bathing suit season is over; here are some tips to help keep the weight off, so you don’t need to rely on your winter clothes to hide the extra pounds!

· Try eating in season; fall foods such as soups, stews and squashes are packed with fiber, beta carotene and vitamin C.

· Stews are hearty, but can also be fattening; make sure to use lots of vegetables and go light on the meat and potatoes, or change it up by using turkey and yams instead.

· Soups are a great fall food, but keep them healthy by avoiding heavy cream or cheese filled soups.

· Take advantage of the apple harvest by making applesauce, baked apples or eating them fresh off the tree; try to avoid the temptation of baking them into pies...however if you just can’t resist, try making a healthy apple crumble.

· Get outside and get moving; take advantage of the cooler temperatures and go for walks, bike rides or hikes through the woods to check out all the changing colours on the trees.

· As it starts getting darker earlier, enjoy the early morning sunlight to get out and get your workout in!

· Try not to get caught up in the new Fall TV lineup...and if you do, don’t get caught up snacking through your favourite shows! Remember to practice portion control.

· Consider trying light therapy; there has been a connection between lack of sunlight and depression. Since mild depression can increase your cravings for carbs, some people find that using a full spectrum light box can help beat the winter blues.

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