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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is upon us, here in Canada and if you're preparing a big, turkey feast for your loved ones here are a few alternatives you may want to consider to keep your meal on the clean eating side of healthy!!

If your meal calls for:

Healthier Alternative

Condensed whole milk or Evaporated Milk

Evaporated Skim Milk (less fat)

Cream for soups

Pureed starchy vegetables, silken tofu or coconut milk (less fat)

Cream cheese

Low fat cottage cheese, pureed until smooth (cream cheese has very little nutritional value; cottage cheese is higher in nutrients, like calcium)

Sour cream

Plain organic yogurt (sour cream is high in saturated fat, yogurt gives you the benefits of probiotics)

Ground beef

Lean ground beef or ground turkey (lower in saturated fat and cholesterol)

All purpose flour

Whole grain flour (you may only need ½ as much) (high in fibre)

Dry bread crumbs

Rolled oats or ground whole grain bread crusts (high in fibre)

Enriched pastas

Whole wheat pasta or Kamut pasta (high in fibre)

Pie crust

Graham cracker crust (lower in saturated fat)

White bread

Whole wheat or sprouted bread (higher in nutrients, such as fibre)

White rice

Brown rice, wild rice (higher in nutrients, such as fibre)

Iceburg lettuce

Arugula, spinach, field greens, kale, mustard greens (higher in nutrients)

Mashed potatoes

Mashed yams or sweet potatoes (higher in nutrients, such as Vitamin A, C and iron)

Cool whip

Whipping cream(higher in nutrients; Cool whip has very little nutritional value)

Margarine in baked goods

Butter or coconut oil (margarine is hydrogenated; butter is better nutritionally, when used in moderation)

Remember, it's a time for giving thanks and being grateful for what we have in our lives...let's all be thankful for our good health and be thankful that we have the knowledge to make healthy choices every day!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

In good health,


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