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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whole Grain Goodness

Recently someone asked me my opinion on the Atkins diet...my response was that I am against any diet that makes you restrict yourself from an entire food group. In case anyone else was wondering about the same, I thought I'd go into greater detail, why I think that grains hold an important place in out diets.

It's important to mention, that when I say whole grains, I mean the grain in it's whole form...products that state wheat in the ingredients, contain wheat that has had 40% of the original wheat grain removed, leaving 60%. This may not seem too bad, but the 40% that has been removed is the part that includes the bran and the germ - the most nutrient rich parts! Grains that are left whole are a great source of fibre, magnesium and manganese just to name a few.

The high fibre content in whole wheat (or any other whole grain - spelt, kamut, brown rice, etc...) helps keep you regular, which promotes gastrointestinal health. Fibre rich foods also help you feel full faster, longer and slows down digestion...so, they can actually help with weight loss!

So, as you can see, whole grains definitely have a place in our diets, as long as you're choosing whole grains. As for the Atkins diet; if you are removing carbs and starchy vegetables from your diet and following a high protein and fat diet, where are you getting your fibre from? I think that following a low carb diet may work for some people, but to avoid all carbs and starches just isn't healthy.

Like I tell my clients, first focus on becoming healthy; educate yourself on healthy eating; keeping an active lifestyle; and making time for reflection and relaxation; and the weight loss will follow...the slower the weight loss, the better chance you'll have of keeping it off!

In good health,

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