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Friday, September 24, 2010

How are you feeling?

Well, we're 9 months into our year to better health...how are you feeling?

I thought it would be a good time to recap some of what I think are the more important tips from the past 9 months....with 3 more months to go, this will be a good time to regroup and continue your quest to the healthiest and happiest you!

Water - every cell in our body needs water; keeping properly hydrated helps with our digestion, helps keeps our bodies free of toxins and helps our skin look fresh and young!

Going Veg - this one couples with eating more fruits and vegetables....try making one night a week vegetarian night. You'll find new recipes that you'll love and new ways to cook veggies that you may not have liked before. Taking a break from meat, at least one night a week, is great for your digestion!

Mind/body connection while eating - this tip again has importance when it comes to proper digestion; making meal time stress free, with good conversation or relaxing music and taking the time to enjoy the food that is fueling your body will help reduce that heavy feeling that some people experience after eating (and can prevent over eating too!).

Breakfast - meal of champions...right? We're all eating healthy breakfasts now, right? There are so many great recipes for on the go breakfast foods, that there really isn't any reason to not be fueling up before beginning your day. Check out this weeks recipe for a Oatmeal on the Go bar.,,

The friendship connection - check in with your "people" and see where everyone else is at! Make sure that they feel appreciated...it's so easy to let friendships slide when you are feeling busy and stressed, but you need to remember to take the time to nourish these relationships. (this is a great reminder for me...I need to take the time to do this myself!).

Tips that are also up there in importance are trading in your refined products for whole grains, including more beans in your diet for extra fibre, and listening to your body...it has lots to say!

In good health,

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