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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meal of Champions

What's the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast! I know...this isn't new, but for some reason there are still people out there skipping it. Breakfast is beneficial for so many reasons....it helps kick start the metabolism to help keep weight in check, it refuels your body after going without food during sleep and it helps reduce cravings for high calorie snacks and lunches.

Of course, breakfast is only as good as you make it; if you're waking up to a bowl of Captain Crunch, or a grande chai latte and giant chocolate chip cookie you're pretty much setting yourself up for fail the rest of the day.

I think a lot of people are either short on time or get bored of the usual breakfast fare. So, here is a list of great, nutritious ideas to replace your boring breakfast (taken from http://evolvingwellness.com/topics/food/) :

If you like:Healthy Substitution

(white or brown spongy, or heavily processed whole grain)

Choose the healthiest, least processed, most nutritionally dense breads likeEzekiel bread or Sprouted Grain Bread
BagelsSprouted grain or whole, multi-grain, least processed bagels

Consider less bulky, healthy bread options above

NutellaSpread Hazelnut Butter with Raw Honey

Any natural, unsweetened nut butter with sliced bananas on top

JamHomemade, fresh fruit spread:

Banana – mash ripe banana in a bowl and use as a spread or topping

Berries – mash desired berries in a bowl and use as a spread or topping


(fried or scrambled)

Scrambled Organic firm tofu

Hard-boiled eggs – choose local, organic, free range eggs


(boxed, dry, processed)

Cooked real whole grain (steel cut oats, oatmeal, amaranth, teff, oat bran, kamut, etc.)

All natural (unsweetened) Musli, Granola, or other grain flakes - Bob’s Red Mill Grains

Homemade granola

Bacon or SausageSorry, there is no healthy substitute for these food choices. For optimal health, they should be avoided. Not even the vegan/vegetarian mock versions of these items are healthy.
CheeseTo spread – use hummus (homemade or most natural store bought varieties)

To drizzle – use cashew & nutritional yeast ‘like cheese’ sauce

To slice – use Organic Firm Tofu

Coffee or TeaEat more greens and focus on getting more sleep for better, more regular energy levels

Green Tea

Herbal Tea

Orange Juice

(processed, store bought)

Peel and blend fresh oranges in a blender with water/ice cubes
Granola Bars

(boxed, processed)

Lara Bars, Salba Bars, Weil Bars, Organic Food Bars, Oskri Coconut Bars, other all-natural Fruit & Nut bars

Homemade granola or fruit & nut bars



Sorry, there is no healthy substitute for these high sugar, high bad fat food choices.

(store or restaurant bought)

Homemade muffins (opt for healthy ingredients, eliminating bad fats, sugars and chemical additives)
MilkRaw, organic milk

Organic Brown Rice, Soy or Almond Milk (choose least processed brand)

Make your own milk like Banana Milk (blend banana with plenty water in blender), or Almond Milk.

YogurtOrganic Kefir

Organic, natural, unsweetened yogurts (add your own fruits, nuts or raw honey to sweeten)

Fruit Juices/DrinksBlend fresh fruits together using a blender (add more water to make a juice, or less water to make a smoothie)

Use a juicer to make a homemade fruit and/or vegetable juice

Protein Shakes


Hemp Protein or Hemp Seeds blended in fruit smoothie
Pancakes, Waffles orCrepesMake your own homemade (from natural ingredients) versions of these items (top with fresh fruits & nuts, raw honey, maple syrup, brown rice syrup) –homemade crepes

Sweet Potato pancakes



Steamed, Baked or Boiled sweet or regular potato

Sweet Potato pancakes

Food additive: Sugar

(white or brown)

Raw Honey

Brown Rice Syrup

Maple Syrup

Agave Syrup (must be organic & raw certified)

Food Additive: Salt


Sea Salt – must be grey or pink (not white and refined for maximum benefits)
Other Healthy OptionsGreen Smoothie

Fruit and/or nut and/or vegetable salad

Potato Salad (homemade, no mayo, or processed dressings)

Bean Salad (from cooked, not canned beans)

Raw nuts

Hemp seeds

Enjoy your long weekend!

In good health,

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